Behind the scenes look into our Modesto Photo Studio

June 10, 2014

Part of being a good photographer involves continual growth and the ability to evolve.  We love lighting and trying out new photography techniques.  Here's a sneak peek into our bridal shoot with Ashley and a look at some of the photography techniques we used, ranging from classic to cutting edge.


Rembrandt lighting is a classic studio portrait photography technique.  It's named after the Dutch painter Rembrandt who often painted his subjects with an illuminated triangle under the eye (on the darker side of their face).  The look is popular because it's capable of producing images which appear both natural and compelling.  We achieved the look by using one light (on our subject) and a reflector.  To add even more interest, we placed two additional lights on the background and put blue gels on them.


Here we used a ring light to create a glamorous look. Ring lights are very common in the fashion industry and are known for their "signature" lighting pattern of the halo shadow around the model.


For this photo we did a bit of experimentation with a new photography technique that adds 'fashion lens blur’ or ‘flare’ to photos. By holding different objects in front of the lens you are able to catch light and create some lens diffraction/flare. This technique can be called "lens chimping", “hurding”, or "prisming". The results are pretty interesting. By just reflecting images in front of your camera lens it creates special effects and adds a bit of mystery and excitement. We really had fun playing with the unpredictable colors and textures it creates, pulling from the actual environment we were shooting in.


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