Ocean Blue Photography and Design | Not your average bridal boudoir photo ideas & how to feel confident during your boudoir session

Not your average bridal boudoir photo ideas & how to feel confident during your boudoir session

June 25, 2015

Wedding season is in full swing...and so is bridal boudoir! Bridal boudoir is a fun way to capture that bride-to-be glow you’ve been sporting since the day you said “yes”. Not ready to strip down to your underthings for the camera? Or what if lingerie isn’t really your thing? Are you wanting something more sweet than sexy? Who's to say you can’t have a bridal boudoir shoot to remember! Photography is all about perspective. We can capture a beautiful shot of your lips or your legs draped over a vintage lounge. Consider detail shots of your wedding lingerie and accessories you’ll be wearing on your big day. We can keep the focus on the the veil, the engagement ring, the shoes. You can opt for romantic shots that read as sophisticated, elegant, pretty. And who says lingerie has to be involved at all? You can create a sexy boudoir vibe all your own in wearing casual and cozy favorites. Bridal boudoir shoots are all about what makes you feel beautiful. The best photos happen when you’re relaxed, happy, and most important, comfortable. Here's a few tips to consider before you get in-front of the lens:

1. Prepare by finding photo inspiration - Search Pinterest, blogs, and magazine editorials as references. Share your ideas for shots you’d love to do…and those you’re not comfortable with. This will ensure that we are on the same page.  

2. Set the mood - Make a playlist of your favorite music and have it available to listen to during your session.

3. Personalize - Bring meaningful props. As mentioned, wedding accessories are great! You can also consider bringing something that belongs to your man; shirt, tie, hat, etc.

4. Be confident - Chances are, you’ve been working hard at the gym and eating healthy before the big day – feel proud of how great you look! Before your shoot, treat yourself to some spa-worthy pampering. A manicure and pedicure can go a long way in helping you feel your best on shoot day. Professional hair and makeup is another pretty way to get camera-ready.




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