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Ways to Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day!

July 23, 2015

We love our pets like children and include them in as much as we can. If you feel the same about your pets, then you might be considering including them in your wedding. You know your pet better than anyone else, so be honest and ask yourself if including your pet in your big day is a realistic option. Is your pet shy or does it get stressed easily? You will have enough to worry about, you wouldn't want your pet to take away from your day.

Here are 3 ways that you can include your pet in the festivities, without actually bringing them to your wedding.
1.  Guys, if you haven't popped the question yet, you can use your pet to propose.​
Include them in your save the date or engagement photos. 
3.  If you are getting ready at home, take a break from your pre-wedding beauty routine to show your pet some love. Cuddling with a fluffy pet is one surefire way to get rid of wedding day jitters. 

If you decide that your pet will be an asset on your big day, be sure that your venue is pet friendly. Then, designate a handler. Have someone on hand to do the "dirty work": feed your dog, take it to potty, and in a worst case scenario, take it home. You will not regret having an extra hand! 

Next decide what role you would like your pet to play. Maybe you want to keep it low key and just want to have your pup around. Or are you going to make your dog a member of your wedding party; ring bearer, "Best Dog", "Hound of Honor"? Having a young attendant escort your pet down the aisle is a great option for an animal that might be distracted by your guests....it's also very cute! It's a good idea to rehearse with your pet. This way they know what will be expected of them on the big day.

Now it's time for the fun part...What will your pet wear? A simple bow tie is a great way to give your pet a wedding ready look that they won't detest. Consider customizing your pet's look to match the wedding party's attire. Sometimes the only thing that your pint-size pooch needs is an accent in your signature shade. Draw inspiration from your bouquet and the groom's boutonniere when picking flowers for your pet. Another option, that you may not have thought about is that your something blue doesn't have to actually be on you. How darling it would be to have a blue collar and leash? Maybe your pet prefers the finer things in life. Formal attire doesn't need to be limited to you and your groom! A top hat and vest are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A couple of last thoughts to consider. Be sure to visit the groomer to get your pet looking it's best. Lastly, if your pet is furry, you may want to include a lint roller in your day-of supplies.


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